TNTLA Oscars Promo

Shot a promo for TNTLA last week and finally got to check out the Turner Broadcasting building…or should I say compound. I felt pretty special parking on the “Pink Powergirls” level. We shot on the Cartoon Network floor and I couldn’t resist getting a pic with some celebrities…This is a seriously cool office space.

One of the things I do love ( most of the time 🙂 ) about this business, is just how small of a world it is. It was nice to see some familiar faces I’ve worked with this past year and awesome to work with some new talented folks as well. Thanks to the folks at Artistic Image and Turner!

If you’re in Latin America, keep an eye out for me losing my mind in excitement at a copy machine. It’s what I do best.


Spooktacular HUB Promo Shoot

I was a witch for Halloween 8 years in a row.

We worked on our garage haunted house all year long.

My best friend and I starred in our own video series about two Witch Sisters (Renita and Devora) in which we magically disappeared, reappeared, and disappeared again…Thanks, Mom.

I was practically a professional witch.

SO…This shoot was like living out all my childhood fantasies. Green face and all. Can’t wait to see the final product! Thanks to all the awesome people that worked on the shoot and to the HUB!

photo (15)

Zombies and Voiceovers

Doesn’t sound like me? 3 shots of whiskey and a pack of cigarettes later…Just kidding! JC Richardson and Dean Velez at Magick Lantern took my voice down a few notches to create the full effect. 🙂 This was a project created by Dean and used for a presentation at The Motion Graphics Lab User Group Meeting: A new Atlanta-based user group for Motion Graphics and Creative Post Production. This cracks me up! Don’t miss the surprise at the end!

I Live… from Dean Velez on Vimeo.